Engagement Session: Mahlet & Aaron, East Coast, Barbados

I met Mahlet and Aaron quite some time ago online through an amazingly beautiful friend here in Barbados. We hit it off immediately, and chatted, and chatted and chatted some more. When they flew to Barbados from Ottawa for their wedding, it was as though I was meeting old friends. 

Immediately, they gave massive hugs, and if you know me, you know I’m a hugger and a smiler – both of which they were full of.

It’s no secret she is a model, and he matches her in gorgeousness and confidence. My job was made easy. We laughed, did silly things, were told off by a passerby, and so we laughed some more. 

I knew that their wedding merely days after this session was going to be phenomenal. And it was. 

Stay tuned.. 

and Stay awesome, 
Aniya, xx

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