Shine on, Star

I have the most incredible job in the world. First and foremost, I am a photographer in Barbados. I'm lucky enough to have a job that affords me time to be with my family, to go watch their school plays and afternoon activities, to be able to travel with my husband and second shooter to photograph families and weddings. It rocks, I won't even lie. 

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30 minutes in the life, September 2016

I'd never been seriously fishing before, but in the last couple months, I've had this urge to catch what I eat. I know, it sounds totally barbaric, but I think it's worse to catch, maim and release it back into the water partially damaged. I'm a firm believer of respecting nature, and honoring the life that's been given to you for food. In comes the fishing. 

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Be a dreamer, follow the “somewhere else”.

I've always considered myself a dreamer. That person who would put their hands to their chin and stare out the window - yep, that was me. As a child, I spent so much time thinking - thinking about something else, didn't matter what that "else" was, I was never in the present - I was always somewhere else. 

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