Colony Club Barbados Wedding

I asked her what she’s most excited about: “oh that’s easy! I cannot wait to walk myself down the aisle” love this girl. She was as beautiful as she was fiercely independent. As tender as she was strong. I was so empowered by her. He watched her with admiration as she came to him down that aisle, and for the rest of the day. He looked out for her and held his hand and the chair out for her. Live Loud, Love Loud.

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Tamarind Hotel Barbados Wedding

Ok, so you know those people that just get you? And you get them? And there's a bunch of us "getting each other" going on? Well yes, that's what happened with Ariel and Cole. From the minute we chatted on Skype, I was like, Hell Yes.. This is going to ROCK. 

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La Maison Michelle Barbados Wedding

We spend the evening together on the East Coast last year for their engagement session where we talked law (we both have our law degrees but chose completely different paths!), life, love and kiddos (they have two of the sweetest princesses ever!). It was a magical time, and I knew great things were in store for us for their wedding. We got into the limo together from the Crane Resort to head down to St. James Parish Church. I looked back and Kimberly was so peacefully looking out the window. It was as though she was dreaming of seeing Jonathan at the top of the aisle. 

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Mahogany Ridge Barbados Wedding

We met at our Engagement Session on the East Coast here in Barbados a few months before the wedding. I knew then that amazing things were in store. They loved on each other, they were completely and utterly themselves with me, and nothing changed on this gorgeous day. 

He watched her coming down the aisle with such composed emotion. He could have broken at any moment, but he was keeping it in. When they walked down the aisle he let it all go. Holding his bride close, letting her know he will always be with her. 

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Sandy Lane Barbados Wedding

I was on holiday. I told myself I was not going to bring work with me, nor would I answer emails. I wanted to be 100% unplugged, so I could be 100% with my family. But then I got this email.

There was nothing special in the subject line, but when I read it, tears started coming down as I was eating gelato. Not kidding.

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Southern Palms Barbados Beach Hotel Wedding: Louise and Tony

Three girls finally became sisters. 

When I walked into the room, I entered the girliest of girl space where Tony was forbidden to enter. Makeup being shared, hair being brushed and flat ironed, shoes being tried on and passed around. You know, the general colorful beautiful chaos that comes with three teenagers, three friends, and just a few moments away from being three sisters. 

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Copacabana Barbados Wedding: Nicole and Kurt

She gave me strict instructions: we just want to party. Hard. YEEEESSSS!! I'm right there with you, girl!  Weddings can take on a life of their own. They can take over, and make the two people forget what's really happening here. 

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Cin Cin Restaurant Barbados Wedding: Rachelle and David

We got a coffee and spent our "meeting" laughing about everything. How could I just click with someone, not 20 minutes before, had to say to a couple with the cutest girl, back turned to me at the cashier, "Hi there, would you happen to be Rachelle and David?" Sure enough, they were, and it started right there. 

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