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Allanah & Luke, Wedding in Barbados

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Allanah & Luke, Wedding in Barbados

Allanah and Luke, both native Bajans came home to their island to get married.

This is a world no one is familiar with, but even as everything changed, what remained the same was the committment to getting married surrounded by their friends and family.

I met Allanah and Luke on the driveway of one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen. Although her grandparent’s house had been uninhabited for some years, you could still feel the warmth and love all around. I could almost hear Allanah’s giggles, and see a childlike girl running through the gardens as she explained to me all of the adventures she’d had in that very place. There was no doubt in her mind that this is where they would celebrate their love for each other, and the beginning of their lives as husband and wife.

However, it was not only this house that made the wedding special – it was all of the bitter sweet stories of love and loss that made this wedding, truly, one of the most special days I’ve been lucky enough to photograph. Allanah and Luke weren’t worried about spending hours on photos, they didn’t care about all of the traditional wedding things that blogs like the Knot tell you you need photographed. No, it was their stories that mattered. It was that Luke’s mom was an incredible dancer, and as she was dancing in heaven during their reception, they created a moment and a space for her to dance with them in spirit. It was Allanah’s step-dad thanking her for accepting him into her and her beautiful mom’s lives, but yet, Allanah saying “no, Uncle Ray, it was you who accepted me”. It was memories and laughs and tears and all of things that REALLY make a wedding day special.

This is what matters.

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