Mustique Island Wedding

Mustique Island Wedding

Mustique Island Wedding

This was one hell of a wedding.

We flew into the tiny island of Mustique and within minutes, were welcomed with open arms by Kasmira’s mom, Lisina. She threw her arms around us and told us to hope into the golf-cart-type-car and took us around the island. I had spent many vacations passing through Martinique on sailing trips, having dinners at the legendary Basil’s Restaurant, but I had never truly appreciated the tranquil beauty of Mustique before this.

We covered four events during the wedding week which was fantastic because we got to know all of the guests really well prior to that wedding day. We even shared a home with the sweetest family ever which was fantastic!

The first day we arrived, we photographed the Welcome Dinner in the most beautiful seeing on the beach. With the aroma of grilled lobster surrounding us, everyone laughed, ate and enjoyed each other’s company.

Then came the beach lime. The guests arrived to the beach adorned with pillow style seating, picnic tables and the best lunch was served. Everyone needed to simply stay together, laugh together, reminisce together, and just be on the beautiful shores of Mustique.

The night before the wedding, Basil’s Bar, a staple for Mustique welcomed everyone for dinner. The best part about this, was not only the hilarious speeches, but the dance that Kasmira’s cousins surprised her with! All I can say is, it was EPIC.

Enter a truly marvelous wedding.

While Christoph was polishing off his vows in Palm Beach Cottage, Kasmira was getting ready with her girls at their grandparent’s home. Kasmira is the essence of elegance, and when she walked through the doors to the Bamboo Church, everyone was floored. She was one of the most stunning brides – poised, yet so incredibly excited and happy.

After the ceremony in the quaint church, the reception at the Cotton House was full of laughter, stories and most of all, love.

Kasmira and Christoph, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting us into your day and into your lives.

Rehearsal Dinner: Basil’s Bar, Mustique
Wedding Ceremony: Bamboo Church, Mustique
Portraits: Palm Beach House, Mustique
Reception; Cotton House, Mustique

When we arrived, we went straight to the intimate beach picnic where we met Kasmira and her family. Seeing the views of Mustique within minutes of arrival excited us so much! It is so beautiful here.

Boy paddle boards before wedding in Mustique women talk on Mustique beach before wedding bride in the water talking to her friends about the wedding at Bamboo Church in Mustique

In the evening, everyone gathered together for a Wedding Welcome Dinner under the stars.

Dinner table set on the beach in Mustique for wedding welcome dinner

The day before the wedding, a relaxing beach day was in order. The wedding guests gathered on the beach for a picnic styled lunch for a day of fun.

The final event before the big day, was a dinner at Basil’s Bar. This restaurant is legendary in Mustique and at any given point, you’ll see people from all walks of life enjoying a drink and the sunset.
wedding rehearsal dinner at Basil's bar in Mustique Kids get goofy at Basil's Bar, Mustique during the Wedding rehearsal dinner Two ladies pose for the camera at Basil's Bar in Mustique during the Wedding rehearsal dinner. Friend makes a speech for the bride and groom at Basil's Bar in Mustique during the wedding rehearsal dinner. bride and groom laugh during speeches at their wedding rehearsal dinner at Basil's Bar in Mustique. Bride's grandmother gives a warming speech for the bride and groom during the wedding rehearsal dinner at Basil's Bar in Mustique.

This was one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve seen. It was held in the very small Bamboo Church where many of Kasmira’s family members had been previously married. There’s history here folks, which makes this day all the more special.

wedding reception at Cotton House, Mustique. Wedding dancing at reception at Cotton House, Mustique.

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