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Royal Westmoreland Wedding, Barbados

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Royal Westmoreland Wedding, Barbados | Stacey and Tom

This wedding was the true meaning of a family affair.

I met the bride at her parent’s home in the stunning Royal Westmoreland Villa grounds on the west coast of Barbados. This was the same home that she and her new husband would come back to for the reception after their wedding ceremony at St. Francis Church.

When we arrived at St. Francis church, I noticed something – the bride stayed in the car for an unusually long time, so I went to check in on her. As I opened the front door and climbed in the front seat, she had a piece of paper in her lap and tears rolling down her face. It was a letter from the man who was waiting for her mere feet away inside the church. I photographed this moment, and she smiled, saying “ok, I’m ready.”

Wedding Reception at Royal Westmoreland

After the ceremony, the emotions were something I could not have anticipated myself. The stories of lifelong friendship, of stealing wine from the grooms’ father’s wine cellar, to best friends being parted at a young age, but their bond never breaking, even though they had not lived in the same country for years. How, in 30 minutes, you can go through the range of raging, belly-aching laughter, to head to the side, and tears of memories and joy, is still all inspiring when I think of it. It was beautiful.

And then.

The party started. Once the DJ came on, with that very first song, “Rock and Come In”, everyone hit the dance floor, and it was all over! Shots came out of nowhere, and heads were back with the biggest smiles I’d ever seen. The bride got down, figuratively and literally. She was someone who knew how to party – she did not disappoint her Trinidadian roots.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this day Stacey and Tom!


Wedding Coordinator: Weddings by Malissa
Hair: Hair by Donna
Make up: Sarah Lambert

Bride coming down stairs before the wedding ceremony at Royal Westmoreland Villa Barbados

Groom seeing his bride for the first time on his wedding day at St. Francis Church Barbados

Bride and Groom portraits post wedding ceremony at Royal Westmoreland

Bride dancing at wedding reception at Royal Westmoreland Villa Barbados


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