The Lone Star Restaurant Barbados Wedding: Kim and Matt

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We made our way to Mango Bay Hotel on 2nd Street in St. James to meet the absolutely stunning bride before the wedding. She wanted us to document the day. Thats it. No posing, no directing, underscoring the same perspective I have of a wedding day – that it was not a photoshoot. YES!! 

At the Lonestar Boutique Hotel, Kimberely had everyone she loved around her – her stunning mother and equally gorgeous three sisters and their daughters. The dress adorned from straps to tail in beads hung proudly, waiting to be worn. 

I don’t think there was a dry eye during the ceremony as the bride saw her groom for the first time. It was magical. 

What stood out for me in this wedding was the utter love and adoration both families had for each other. I simply couldn’t differentiate one side of the family from the other – this is something incredible. 

They danced, they laughed, everyone was happy, the smiles were contagious. 

It was truly.. a glorious day that ended with the best dancing I’ve seen!

And this is how their glorious day began:

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